MD 3D Printing Systems


MD 3D Printing Systems

GENOTRIX has developed and setup a additive printing structure to accelerate the innovation around the custom-made medical devices for several purposes and applications.

This particular technology has become widely accepted and integrated in the medical devices and IVD’s field, with several benefits for all the stakeholders involved.

Anyone can have a faster and reliable solution using medical grade materials, industry standards compliance, high level of detail, precision and safety.

In our facilities you will find a top-tier additive manufacturing plant with almost 100 professional equipment units ready to shape your idea, concept and medical device.

We use a wide range of materials from the best brands and suppliers:

We support every stage of the development process. From scanning and designing to production and post processing.

Common areas:

MD 3D Printing Systems

How we work:


We can collect or receive the data from several sources like:
- CAD file or drawing
- 3D Scan
- CT or MRI Scan

File Assembly

We prepare and configure all the file and guarantee his consistency to avoid any production errors.

Printing process

The files are sent to the printing system and distributed to the printers.

Post Processing

At the end the production is submitted to the post processing stage through high QMS criteria and control.

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